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We Are


 After Henny got married in 2018, she decided to use her passion and expertise to do what she does best – blending a couple’s vision with love and atmosphere to create the perfect wedding mood.

Henny knows Bali’s ever-growing event industry inside out and her eye for detail and 5-star hospitality background has helped her to become a trusted expert in the wedding industry in Bali. By now, Henny is taking care of sales and marketing as she travels between Bali and Germany throughout the year, leaving the day-to-day business, the detailed planning and coordination in Jasmin's hands.


Our weddings get published regularly in renown blogs and she was even approached to write a series of destination wedding articles for Tripcanvas - one of Indonesia's most popular online travel publications. 

Henny is also certified Event Manager by the Chamber of Industry & Commerce of Hannover, Germany and is fluent in English, Spanish and Indonesian holding a Master's degree in Southeast-Asian studies.



Our Team


Jasmin Uhlig
Head Planner & Stylist

Jasmin joined the team in December 2022 as our head planner. Her dedication to her work and clients are unparalleled as well as the attention to detail in event styling & design. Jasmin loves the creative side of the planning process and is fluent in French and English in addition to her mother tongue German.

Jasmin has a background in international communications and project management. She has worked with cultural institutions and charities for 15 years, advising political, civil society and business actors. Jasmin calls Paris her home but has lived in Asia for four years.

With great sensitivity, attention to detail and a sense of style, Jasmin
creates weddings that are as unique as our clients themselves.

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Wayan Darsana
Operations & Logistics

Wayan is Balinese and the soothing soul of the company. He works relentlessly to make sure all nitty gritty details in the background are taken care of by directing the teams of the vendors that we have hired for your wedding and event. With his calm & easy going way to run his side of the events he supports Jasmin in all things concerning operations and logistics.

Wayan speaks Balinese, Indonesian and English & his diplomacy and way to negotiate with village heads and villa managers have proven to be invaluable to our clients.

Henny and Wayan have been working together since 2013 and know exactly what the other person thinks before they have to speak it our aloud. Jasmin and Wayan trust each other blindly and work together like a perfect clockwork.

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