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The Perfect Honeymoon

Getting married overseas, speak to open-minded, fun loving people with a sense of adventure. Why not take this to a new level after the wedding festivities are done? Meet ALEXA, the gateway to paradise!

We were lucky to be invited to experience this unique private yacht, equipped with only one cabin, making it THE perfect Honeymoon destination in Indonesia. Forget the world around you and submerse into your own little love-bubble.

ALEXA – Cruising The Last Paradise

This state-of-the art romantic luxury yacht sailing in Indonesia’s far East takes you to one of the Archipelago’s most spectacular landscapes. ALEXA is a 31-meter long floating home with the most exclusive single cabin configuration – truly built for an endless love affair. Expect a luxury suite with a panoramic 270° view and spacious en-suite bathroom.

Equipped with a library and an open-air cinema on the top deck to star-gaze, ALEXA features large oversized daybeds to enjoy the sun and unwind in the fresh sea breeze. As part of the crew comes your personal gourmet chef, an English-speaking Expat cruise director with a PADI and SSI diving certificate and a professional spa/massage therapist which all come included in the price.

Your adventure is just about to begin, and you decide where the journey takes you with a unique personalized cruise itinerary for each guest: Discover a sea full of uninhabited scattered tropical islands. The perfect get-away trip to start the new chapter in your lives and create a memorable once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Enjoy a crystal-clear ocean, blue skies, pristine beaches, have a picnic at one of the many uninhabited islands and just watch the stunning scenery passing by. Located in the center of the Indonesian archipelago between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores you will find Komodo National Park. It consists of 3 major islands, Padar, Komodo and Rinca - home of the famous last Komodo Dragons, the world’s largest living lizards which grow to a size of 3 meters.

Of you are a beach aficionado a must see is The Pink Beach. It is one in seven in the world to have a glowing soft pink tinge. On next door’s Padar Island take a hike. It is the most beautiful scenic walk with grassy hills surrounded by gorgeous green, white and blue hues.

You are cruising through the Ring of Fire - a unique geology with volcanic activity making it unbelievably beautiful above and below water. Other neighboring islands such as Moyo and Sumbawa feature dramatic volcanic peaks, warm salt-water lakes, wild savannah landscapes, jungles and sheltered bays only waiting to be explored.

East of Flores, the Alor archipelago, is a pure bliss for its 20 pristine islands. Islands so authentic with traditional villages – a unique experience where the time seems to have stopped centuries ago. The ocean around the islands is calm and often you can see whales passing by. If you are into snorkeling you might get a chance to see underwater creatures called Mola Mola, the thresher shark, giant Groupers and more.

In the most eastern part of the Indonesian Archipelago you will find Raja Ampat. Secluded, enchanting and magnificent – Raja Ampat is pure paradise. Ranked amongst the top diving spots in the world, these scattered islands are the perfect chance to dive within untouched coral reefs. Around 75% of the world’s underwater species live here. You will find seahorses swimming around your fingers, wobbegongs, schools of tuna, snappers, batfish and even barracudas. The underwater life is exceptional: With water clear for 10 to 15 meters, the islands bar many spots also perfect for snorkeling and watersports – jet skis, SUPs, wakeboarding and canoeing can be easily arranged if that is down your alley. Raja Ampat is a dream come true for underwater lovers.

The incredible wildlife of Raja Ampat continues above water: The jungles await you with spectacular birdlife and as you take a walk around the islands you will find a view where it seems Mother Nature painted her finest artwork and a glimpse of paradise.

As you sail around Raja Ampat or Komodo onboard the ALEXA, you leave one world behind and dive into another one.

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